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This type of glass generally used for fireplace screens or as fireplace doors.


What is Wood Stove Glass?

Wood stove glass is nothing but fireplace glass. This type of glass generally used for fireplace screens or as fireplace doors. This is a ceramic glass. Our Pyroceram Ceramic wood stove glass is available in a variety of cuts.

Difference between wood stove glass and general tempered glass :

tempered glass

Regular tempered glass is not used for fireplace . Because it shatters at high temperature. Building the best custom fireplace doors. The fireplace is the heart of the room. Our custom built fireplace doors & screens bring a new level of style to your fireplace that you and your family will enjoy for years.

woodstove glass

Fireplace glass is called wood stove glass. This is a ceramic glass. Ceramic glass is used in many types of fireplace doors. Wood stove glass is typically heat resistant to about 400-500ºF. Pyroceram is similar to other Borosilicate formulas like Neoceram, Pyrex, and Robax, although Pyroceram is a superior ceramic glass that is suitable for use in most biomass burning applications. This Pyroceram glass is much better than a tempered glass.


Different types of fireplace screens :

We have various designs on fireplace screens :

Why Is It So Great?


Wood Stove / Fireplace Glass

We Stock Both 1/8 ” & 3/16 “ the Pyrocream Glass - Good for 1300o F up to 48 ” X 78 “, also blocks the UV Light. Most commonly used for Fireplaces, Wood-Coal-Gas Stoves.

Borosilicate Glass

Low expansion, High Heat Resistant Glass up to 800oF Used in Multiple Markets & Applications Most commonly used for Lightings, Industrial, Home Appliance, Medical